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In "Write It. Tell It. Sell It.", Dr. Joy Morgan presents a comprehensive guide to transforming your personal narrative into a profitable venture. Drawing from her expertise as an acclaimed author, business coach, and international speaker, Dr. Morgan provides readers with invaluable insights, practical tools, and actionable strategies to unleash the full potential of their stories.

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Dr. Joy Morgan is an author, business coach, leadership consultant and a highly sought-after international speaker. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of Delaware, a Masters Degree in Education Administration from Rutgers University, and a doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University.

As a leadership consultant, Dr. Morgan specializes in working with executives in both corporate and nonprofit sectors, providing expertise in enhancing communication strategies, identifying and leveraging individual leadership styles, and cultivating cohesive team dynamics to optimize operational efficiency and financial performance.

Under the umbrella of Joy Morgan Motivates (JMM), she provides coaching services tailored for emerging speakers, guiding them in refining their public speaking capabilities and effectively monetizing their message. Additionally, she offers support to aspiring authors in the process of writing, publishing, and marketing their books, which led to her establishing MYJOY Publishing House, where she assumes the role of Editor in Chief. Complementing these endeavors, through JMM, Dr. Morgan facilitates an entrepreneurship program designed to mentor new and aspiring business owners, aiding them in successfully starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

Dr. Joy has been prominently showcased on television and radio platforms to share her inspirational insights. Her motivational messages have resonated within diverse settings, encompassing educational institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofit organizations. She has headlined numerous conferences as a keynote speaker throughout the continental United States, as well as St. Thomas, Qatar, Canada, and Bermuda. Dr. Joy is also an esteemed author, with notable publications including "Roadmap to Destiny," "A 21-Day Devotional for those on the Pathway to Purpose," and "G.E.T.U.P: 5 Steps to Bouncing Back When Life Knocks You Down."


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Are you tired of being overlooked for speaking opportunities when you know you have a story to tell? Do you need help refining your message and gaining strategies on how to brand yourself as a paid public speaker? The Talk Like A Boss Speaker Academy is for you!


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In this 4 part program, we dig deeper into implementing my C.A.S.H. method in your business so that you can not only envision your six-figure business, but execute so that you can manifest your six figure business. This program includes: Hot Seat Coaching, Guest Presenters, Vision Mapping for 2023, Accountability, And MORE!



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The Level Up 1:1 coaching program positions you to achieve your business goals and scale your business to consistent 5K-10K months by: Properly identifying your niche audience, Assisting in the development of your products and services for your industry, and Creating strategies for branding, marketing and visibility.

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