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Leadership IS Power

Become More Powerful, by Becoming a Phenomenal Leader

Aren't You Tired of...

  • Being overlooked for promotions?

  • Running ineffective teams?

  • Being told you're too dramatic or emotional?

  • Being underestimated or taken for granted?

  • Playing number two when you are qualified to lead?

  • Watching others enjoy the success YOU should have?

  • Not being confident when it's time to promote yourself?

If so, join me for the

Woman S.O.A.R. Leadership Masterclass!

Woman SOAR Leadership masterclass banner

Masterclass Includes:

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  • 6 Hours of Group Training 

  • Mentoring w/Coach Joy

  • Networking & Collaboration

  • NEW E-Book , "Woman S.O.A.R."

Session Topics Include:

Session 1:


Your Leadership Style

Session 2:


Your Team’s Potential

Session 3:




About Coach Joy

Joy is  currently the CEO of Joy Morgan Motivates (JMM), in which she empowers and motivates others to pursue their purpose and destiny through speaking, teaching, and coaching. Joy Morgan graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering, earned a Masters Degree in Education Administration from Rutgers University and is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership at Regent University. 

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